As an Integrative Counsellor/Therapist I work using a developmental-relational approach that uses a synthesis of Humanistic Psychology, Object Relations Theory and Psychoanalytic Self-Psychology. I ‘integrate’ these approaches depending on the needs of the person I am working with, with the aim of enabling them to experience life in the fullest way possible for them.

Working in this way enables an understanding of how past experiences shape how we are today, while also focusing on here and now experiencing. The relationship between therapist and client is very important. Once a trusting secure relationship is achieved, it can be used as a way of exploring issues affecting you in order to find more fulfilling ways of being in the world. Through this relationship, you will be able to have different experiences of relating and being, in order to grow and make positive changes.

The uniqueness of a therapeutic relationship is the availability of another human being who has no preconception of you and no personal agenda other than to be in relationship with you and be helpful in guiding you in your right direction.

Confidentiality and trust are considered to be of utmost importance in therapy. Clients may share difficult feelings and thoughts with me and in doing so can expect that any details of their personal identity will remain confidential.

Ethical Practice

I am registered with and adhere to the Ethical Code of the Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute (SPTI) which is a constituent member of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP).

All my client work is supervised by a UKCP registered supervisor who supports me in my professional and ethical practice.